Thursday, July 21, 2005

He was not Alone

5th December 2003

"Let's go.", he whispered in his soft sorrowed tainted voice.

"Where? To where are we heading?", I asked. The world was in darkness, I could sense his closeness, hear his pounding heart, but of him I see nothing. "Where are you?", I queried with my trembling voice. I was confused, maybe not.

"It's time. Are you coming?", he replied without answering my questions.

I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder. "I will stay by you. You will not be alone, this I promise." I could feel his slender fingers, but yet strangely coarse hand - the hand of one who works the land. "Where are we going?", I dared to ask again. The stranger smiled, I knew he did, even in this darkness.

"Somewhere, somewhere…", he answered cryptically. “Come.” A fade scent of lavender brushed past me, as he sought my hands. “Come.”

I smiled and took his hands. His hands were cold. “You are very cold.”, I commented, feeling quite at ease with the stranger – he was strangely familiar, maybe that is why he is a stranger. I chuckled at the thought, a lame joke, but then, my sense of humor had always been a trifle lacking. I smiled again, memories of the past when there was light and laughter. How I yearn to be young again!

Suddenly, a thought descended into my feeble mind. “How old are you?” I was curious. He smiled again, “As old as you are. I was there when you were born, and here I am with you. I’m always by your side and always will.”

His answer confused me, but I found that it didn’t disturb me one bit. “Let’s go. I’m curious.” I pulled myself up and sought his shoulder – it seems he was around my build. Laughing gently, the stranger gave me a quick hug and led me onwards, to some unknown place. I was curious.

It seemed like an eternity, but eventually we reached there. I can feel it in my old bones. “Are we here?”

“Yes, old friend. We are here, behold. My last gift to you!”

A cool blast of the morning breeze bathed my face, I know it is morning. It is morning I’m sure, I could feel the warm light on my wrinkled face. It felt so good. Sunrise. I could feel the fiery orb in the distant, struggling to bring light to the world. I could imagine the cascading colors, I never forgot the first sunrise I seen when I was a little boy.

“It is beautiful.”

“Yes it is and will be for years to come.”

“I certainly hope so. Is it time?”

“Yeah. Are you ready?”

“As ready as one can be.”

“Then I’m ready too. Glad to know you.”

“Me too. You are a good man.”

“Yes, I guess I am. Good bye!”

“Yeah! Goodbye!”, I grinned. I was glad of this last gift I gave myself.

The sightless old man smiled as the sun finally rose over the horizon, scattering the darkness that shroud the city.

The voices in his mind, his life, finally went away, and this time, he left with them. He was not alone.


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