Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Flawed Mirror

5th July 2004

He walked toward the antique mirror across the dressing room.

"Wonderful craftmanship, isn't it?", he remarked as he lightly brushed the mirror's intricate engraving.

"Verily milord. An exquisite piece indeed.", they chorused as a servant should.

"This mirror is flawed isn't it?", he remarked again as he leaned heavily on the seemingly flawless mirror.

"Forgive us milord!", they wept in terror as their gleaming eyes examined the silvered mirror face in futility.

"I am a flawed mirror, am I not?", he smiled sadly as he knelt down and traced the hidden cracks among the wooden base.

The servants gasped and averted their eyes.
And I just smiled and said, "Soon cracks will widen, and we shall fall..."

I smiled as the sound of splintering wood was chorused by the shattering mirror...

I am a flawed mirror, am I not?


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