Sunday, December 31, 2006


13th Sep 2003

I know, I knew, but still I flew
into the blazing light in view
A moth, I am, to pain I flew
Head on, blindly, to my death I knew

Again again, was burnt am I
But still a moth I surely am
to death, to death, O'I rejoiced
Be burnt to ashes, tears in joy

In pain, in pain, a pain I seeked
In joy, in joy, a pain enjoyed
Your eyes, your face, my fading sight
Soon a moth be gone, an endless night.

~ Eterna2

Haiku - I love you

31st Dec 2006

Thousand words
Whispering but one
I love you

~ Eterna2

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I wanna Cry

27th Dec 2006

The tears
creeping slowly
across my face
I wanna cry

The sobs
choking silently
within my throat
I really wanna cry

The pain
stabbing deeply
into my heart
I really really wanna cry

The memories
gushing endlessly
before my eyes
I really really really wanna cry

The misty vision
The salty taste
The bittersweetness
I really really really really wanna cry

And so I am crying
And so I wanna cry
Misty, salty,
Bitter and sweet.

I wanna cry
O' I wanna cry

~ Eterna2

Remembered Pain

27th Nov 2006

A whisper, a touch,
A feeling forgotten.
A splinter, a pin,
An emotion remembered.

I thought, and believed,
that it had healed.
I fled, and denied,
that it had existed.

My remembered pain,
Stabbing deeply.
An unforgotten feeling,
Shrouding within.


~ Eterna2

Eternity Eterna

Whispering whispers
Willowy willows
An eternity
for an eternity

~ Eterna2
27th Dec 2006