Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rhymes thread

10th Jan 2006

rhymes thread
from where hence to get
words so sad

heart of lead
from here, to forget
silence I beg

neighbor's cat
from there, ledge she naps
stranger act

never seen
never asked
never heard

a rhymes thread

~ Eterna2

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hanging On

2nd Jan 2005

A silence before
a wall deep blue
claiming a hundred
a thousand dreams

Fathers sons
Mothers daughters
Scattered a hundred
a thousand miles

The sea is death
The sea was death
But alas she raged but only
a thousand times

The sea was life
The sea is life
Had we not cut her but only
a thousand times?

I wept for them
she wept for us
Its love, its hate
Its life or fate?

The morning comes
The tears had dried
But the thirst, the pain
And grief still lies

Deepening scars
the stench of death
like ants we crawled
over the corpse of land

In hope of life
Perhaps is not
I think I thought
A fallacy of our humankind

No one can
No one should
though I wept
for brothers gone

In our Mother's womb
In our Mother's tomb
Our death and life
is but our Mother's game

Mother's pain
O'Mother cries
She grieves yet tears
Her children's toys

~ Eterna2

Sad Things in Life II

3rd March 2005

I knew of love, I knew of hate
I knew of feelings unabated
I wrote of joy, I wrote of fears
I wrote of pains like blood in tears

I lost my love, I lost my hate
I lost my feelings unabated
I lost my joy, I lost my fears
I lost my pains which fade like tears

I thought of hope, I thought of death
I thought of razors in my hands
I yearn of love, I yearn of pain
I yearn of peace at where I lain

I thrown my hopes, I thrown my death
I thrown my razors in my hands
I thrown my love, I thrown my pain
I thrown my peace from where I lain

Gone my love, gone my hate
Gone are the words of bygone pains
Gone my hopes, gone my death
Gone away my past like dust from ash

~ Eterna2

Sad Things in Life I

3rd March 2005

A dream is dead
of violence and hate
by hands he knew
A dream I knew

A love of art
of beauty in parts
by hands and mind
A love in kinds

A shroud of veil
of mortal skills
by dreams astrife
A yearn for life

A loss is mourn
of dreams had gone
by greed, by hate
A luckless fate

I mourn
I mourn
I mourn my loss

~ Eterna2

PS: RIP Zdzislaw Beksinski (1929 - 2005)

Human Nature

7th April 2005

She asked, "Why, my child did you bind me so?"
So I showed my bonds and protested, "No, my mother I did not so."

She held me close and smiled.

She asked again, "Why, my child did you bind me so?"
To which I finally replied, "Not me, my mother. It's my master's will."

She stroke my hair and smiled.

So she asked, "Whom, my child is your master thus?"
So to which I cried, "My desires, my dreams, my hopes."

She wiped my tears and smiled.

Then she asked, "Are you servant of your master thus?"
Then to which I replied, "Yes, my mother it is so."

She held me close and smiled.

And she finally said, "I am your servant, and always had been."
And I finally broke down, "I know, my mother. You need no chains."

She smiled and closed her eyes.
And so I wept as I drained her dry.

~ Eterna2

A Crack, A Seam

26th May 2005

An endless plain
An unchanging desert
All seemed to be perfect
Everything, anything, except one

A lone crack
A flawed seam
Marred what seemed to be utopia
Creeping, growing, to become

A bottomless pit
An empty window
To the voids of one's core
Weeping, dying, as one would be

A crack, a seam
Was all it took

~ Eterna2