Thursday, July 21, 2005

Because of Myself

19th May 2005

Rows and rows before me, they stood.
Motionless like an army of scarecrows, waiting.
"Who are you guys?", I asked.
A hint of fear wormed its way into my voice.

"What are you? WHAT are YOU! WHAT ARE YOU!", I screamed.

Days and nights about me, they waited.
Silently, unansweringly, they surrounded me, waiting.
"I have lost everything.", I stated.
A hint of defiance crept its way into my voice.

"I have lost my love, my job, my EVERYTHING.", I whispered.

Once and only for me, they beckoned.
Seductive like my bittersweet love, undeniable.
"Come, come, come...", they finally spoken.
An evident sense of excitements crackled around their unmoving forms.

"We need you. We miss you. We want you.", they moaned.

Over and over within me, I searched.
Cold and empty like the mortal realm, I found myself.
"No... not yet...", I finally gasped.
A hint of resolution finally found its way into voice.

"Because... because... Because I still have me..."


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