Saturday, October 08, 2005

Come True

8th Oct 2005

If joy could close a thousand wounds
I would smile and laugh for a thousand years
If tears could soothe a thousand hurts
I would cry and weep for a thousand years

If hope could give a thousand wish
I would live and pray for a thousand years
If time could grant a thousand dreams
I would stop and wait for a thousand years

But alas I laughed but closed no wounds
And alas I wept yet soothed no hurts
And alas I prayed for a hopeless wish
And alas I waited for a forlorn dream

A wound, a hurt, no joy could heal
A wish, a dream, no tears could grant
Nor hope a guide to my sightless eyes
Nor time a balm to my empty heart

I wish that joy could close my wounds
I wish that tears could soothe my hurts
I wish that hope would grant my wish
I wish that time would make my dream

come true

~ Eterna2


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