Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hanging On

2nd Jan 2005

A silence before
a wall deep blue
claiming a hundred
a thousand dreams

Fathers sons
Mothers daughters
Scattered a hundred
a thousand miles

The sea is death
The sea was death
But alas she raged but only
a thousand times

The sea was life
The sea is life
Had we not cut her but only
a thousand times?

I wept for them
she wept for us
Its love, its hate
Its life or fate?

The morning comes
The tears had dried
But the thirst, the pain
And grief still lies

Deepening scars
the stench of death
like ants we crawled
over the corpse of land

In hope of life
Perhaps is not
I think I thought
A fallacy of our humankind

No one can
No one should
though I wept
for brothers gone

In our Mother's womb
In our Mother's tomb
Our death and life
is but our Mother's game

Mother's pain
O'Mother cries
She grieves yet tears
Her children's toys

~ Eterna2


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