Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sad Things in Life II

3rd March 2005

I knew of love, I knew of hate
I knew of feelings unabated
I wrote of joy, I wrote of fears
I wrote of pains like blood in tears

I lost my love, I lost my hate
I lost my feelings unabated
I lost my joy, I lost my fears
I lost my pains which fade like tears

I thought of hope, I thought of death
I thought of razors in my hands
I yearn of love, I yearn of pain
I yearn of peace at where I lain

I thrown my hopes, I thrown my death
I thrown my razors in my hands
I thrown my love, I thrown my pain
I thrown my peace from where I lain

Gone my love, gone my hate
Gone are the words of bygone pains
Gone my hopes, gone my death
Gone away my past like dust from ash

~ Eterna2


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